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Foundation Nicole Niquille (FNN)

Foundation Nicole Niquille Hospital Lukla, Switzerland is a non-political, non-governmental and non-profit organization. After the preliminary project agreement signed with Pasang Lhamu Mountaineering Foundation for the construction of the hospital building at Lukla on End of December 2002, Mrs. Nicole and her husband Marco backed to Switzerland and started discussion with their friends and colleagues at Switzerland about the project and their future aims to run a qualitative and effective hospital at Lukla. They had discussed with very renowned personalities of the Switzerland to be involved and established a charitable organization with named "Foundation Nicole Niquille". The personalities like; former Swiss President, former member of government, former federal Councilor, former director general of International Committee for Red Cross (ICRC), Politicians, Famous Doctors, Journalists Footballer, mountaineers, skiers, and so on are agreed and form a charitable organization named "Foundation Nicole Niquille, Hospital project Lukla" on February, 2003.

In Foundation Nicole Niquille, Mrs. Nicole Niquille is Chairperson, where Mr. Paul Grossrieder (Former ICRC General Director) is Vice-Chairman, Mr. Emile Ducrey is Secretary; Mr. Roland Tornare,(Previuos Executive Director of Issue Department of the Swiss National Bank ) is Treasurer, and Mr. Marco Vuadens, Dr Monika Brodmann, Dr Gilbert Villard, Dr Hans Marty,Mrs Suzanne Stritt-Schwegler  are members of the foundation.

Similarly, Mr. Pascal Couchepin, former Swiss President, Mr. Adolf Ogi, former federal councilor, Mrs. Therese Meyer-Kaelin, National councilor, Mrs. Isabelle Chassot, State councilor of the Canton of Fribourg, Mr.Claude Roch State councilor of the canton Valais, † Mr. Sergio Vieira De Mello, former High Commissioner of Human Rights and Nepalese Ambassador for Switzerland are Honorary members of the foundation

The NN Foundation is purely established for the financial and technical support to Pasang Lhamu – Nicole Niquille Hospital Lukla Project including building construction, operation of the hospital, medical support, medical personalities, etc. NN Foundation is working for collecting hospital equipment and materials in Switzerland and other countries for hospital. It is obvious that NN Foundation is not only working to arrange the financial means of the hospital, it is also working to find the best quality equipment and to participate to find the best management for the hospital.

So far, after the establishment of the NN foundation, we have formally signed the final project agreement between NN foundation and PLMF for the building construction of the hospital at Lukla from the beginning of the May 2003.

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